Have you ever felt lost at the nearby pet supply warehouse? Does the store carry all the big-name brands but you cannot find Dr. Elsey’s cat litter, Snook’s sweet potato dog chews or the 8-in-1 bird bedding you prefer?

In addition to offering an array of difficult-to-find products, here’s what you can expect at a small, local pet store:

Michigan-made products. The store believes in buying local whenever possible. Many of its customers do, too. For this reason, local stores go out of their way to source Michigan-made products and put them on the shelves. Of course, you find quite a few of the national brands, too.

Nutritional advice. Local pet stores are typically staffed with animal enthusiasts that know a lot about pet nutrition. Whether you need natural and holistic chow, supplements for your pet food or just want to upgrade what you feed your cat, talk to the professionals who offer you advice, assistance and product suggestions.

Customer service. Finding someone to help you is as easy as saying “hello” when you first walk in. There is no need to walk through the aisles in the hope of finding an employee. In addition, these folks know what they are talking about.

Support local causes. When you do business with this local pet food store, you give back to the community and support causes that are most likely near and dear to your heart.