Nearly 65 million Americans participate in bird watching, quickly making it one of the fastest growing hobbies. Here are some tips to turn your backyard into a bird watcher’s paradise.

First and foremost, fill your bird feeders with natural birdseed. Products containing fillers that birds do not consume – such as oats and excessive millet – will be left, attracting unwelcome backyard visitors and leading to problems such as mold and bacteria buildup.

Second, increase the variety of bird food that your yard offers. The first most popular types (in order of preference) are:

Black oil sunflower seeds – Almost every bird that visits your backyard – except hummingbirds and orioles – will appreciate finding this food source.

Sunflower hearts – Different types of finches are especially fond of these. A special feeder to keep out less-welcome guests – such as house sparrows and squirrels – might be a good option with these.

Safflower seeds – These seeds attract cardinals, as well as mourning doves and titmice.

Nuts – With these, jays, nuthatches and many species of woodpeckers will frequent your backyard. Once more, however, you’ll have to keep an eye out for the squirrels .

Nyjer thistle – Many finch species, like goldfinches, as well as smaller native sparrow species are partial to this. Chickadees and dark-eyed juncos also consume Nyjer seed occasionally.

With the right food selection and feeders, your backyard will attract a wide variety of birds that will optimize your viewing pleasure, as well as help the birds throughout the year. For more information on the right products for your backyard, contact us.