While dog training, one item people consider is a chain collar, often referred to as a ‘choke collar.’

And with the chain collars can come very negative connotations. However, when used properly, chain collars can be very effective in your pup’s training program. Let us dispel some top myths associated with chain collars.

Myth 1: Chain collars are cruel
Chain collars are not cruel when used properly. In fact, chain collars can be more humane than walking your dog with a regular collar. Instead of putting strain on the dog’s trachea, it evenly distributes pressure around the dog’s neck. Have one of our knowledgeable associates size the collar for your dog to ensure effective use.

Myth 2: Chain Collars can be worn at all times
You should only use the chain collar while training your dog, and while walking. If the collar isn’t sized properly, it can get caught on the dog’s crate or other items around the house. Removing the collar when not walking or in training mode will reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Myth 3: Chain collars can be used on a dog of any age
We do not recommend using a chain collar on a puppy younger than 3 years because they lack the necessary strength, and are not fully developed. We recommend waiting until the dog reaches its full size before using the chain collar.

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