Guinea pigs can make great pets. They’re friendly, fairly low-maintenance and easy to feed. To ensure the optimal health of your small four-footed friend, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

Guinea pigs need the right type of cage. They don’t do as well in glass aquariums because the ventilation isn’t great, and cages with wire or mesh floors may damage their feet. Guinea pigs do best in regular stainless steel cages, such as those designed for cats.

Guinea pigs require the correct diet. To keep them healthy, they need specially-formulated guinea pig pellets. Using other types of pellets can lead to health problems, such as vitamin deficiencies. Guinea pigs also require the right hay for snacking on, and you can supplement their diets with fresh vegetables and fruit.

Guinea pigs also need the right accessories, including a chewing log, and a bowl that cannot be destroyed. Guinea pigs also require a supply of fresh water that must be continuously cleaned to prevent algae and bacteria buildup.

Guinea pigs also require proper grooming. While guinea pigs excel at keeping themselves clean, long-haired varieties – like Peruvians – will develop tangles if not occasionally brushed.

Guinea pigs need the right bedding/litter material. Since they are susceptible to respiratory ailments, the proper type is essential.

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