If you and your pet are travelling by car this holiday season, you need to keep their safety in mind.

Securing your pets inside the vehicle is imperative, as a dog loose in the car can be a dangerous distraction.

We recommend using harnesses, which can click in like seat belts for medium- or larger-sized dogs. Make sure the harness fits around the dog’s chest, where it is safer to withstand any tug or pull that a sudden stop may cause.

It is important to have a dog properly weighed and sized so that it may be fitted into the correct type of harness. If you’re unsure how to size your dog’s harness, let us help.

Animals carriers are also an option. You want to be sure to use the correct size carrier, as one too small may leave your pup feeling cramped. If the carrier is too big, your pup will slide around.

If you’re opting to use an animal carrier, I recommended taking the seat belt and threading it through the carrier’s handle before buckling the strap. This will prevent the carrier from sliding around while making turns.

To make your pup more comfortable, place a bed or towel inside the carrier, as well as toys and treats. 

Also, airbags should not be active while the dog is in the front seat since they can crush the animal if deployed.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local pet store if you have questions on this or any pet-related topic.