Cold, winter months can be very hard on dogs if you’re not thoroughly prepared. When walking on snow, ice, and salt, dogs can experience a lot of dryness and pain in their pads.

Dog booties are a great investment because they keep your dog’s feet warm, dry, and protected from the harsh elements. We have a variety of different sizes and styles to fit any dog’s needs. If a dog refuses to wear booties, a product we love to recommend (it’s good even if they do wear the booties!) is Musher’s Secret Paw Protection. Mushers works as an invisible boot for dogs’ pads (and noses) to prevent them from cracking and bleedings while being exposed to dry and cold conditions.

Considering winter sweaters and coats for your dog is important too, especially if they go on winter walks frequently. Dogs with shorter fur may not be as protected from the elements as a dog with super thick fur is, and may benefit from one of our many warm, winter jackets.

If your dog/any dog has access to your driveway and sidewalks, investing in pet-safe salt is a must. Normal sidewalk salt can give your dogs’ pads really bad chemical burns, which can cause them a great deal of pain and result in bleeding and limping. This is another reason why dog booties are so important when walking on sidewalks and roads that have been salted!

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local pet store if you have questions on this or any pet related topic.