Pet food toppers are becoming increasingly popular, and utilized by pet parents. Toppers are a valuable tool for aiding your pet’s digestion, weight loss, hydration problems, diarrhea, constipation, etc. –especially when transitioning between food brands. 

Pet food toppers come in many different forms and varieties, such as freeze-dried, raw, or broth. Not only are using toppers a good way to mix up your pet’s palate and insure that they don’t get sick of their meals, but it also provides a nutritional way to boost your pet’s daily diet. 

Feeding freeze-dried to your pets is one of the most biologically appropriate diets you can offer them, but it isn’t always cost effective. This is why we like to recommend toppers, so that your dog is still getting a portion of the most biologically appropriate diet on top of their kibble or wet food, without breaking your bank. A brand we love to recommend is Honest Kitchen, as they are a USA based company that doesn’t use GMO ingredients, corn, or wheat –making it easier on pet parents with grain free or allergy filled pets. 

Toppers are a good thing to introduce if you have a picky pet that simply won’t eat its food. Pouches such as gravies to mix into your dog’s kibble will make their meal more enticing, while also sneaking in all of the nutrients and water that they need to stay healthy. 

For pets with known issues such as poor digestion and diarrhea, toppers made with pumpkin, such as Weruva Pumpkin Patchup or Fruitables Pumpkin Superfood, are highly recommended to get a pet’s digestive track back to normal, as pumpkin absorbs excess water, resulting in more firm stool. 

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local pet store if you have questions on this or any pet related topic.