A lot, actually.

Just for fun, we’ve compiled lists of the most popular dog names of 2018, as well as the most popular dog names of all time, and a few other random dog name facts!

According to data collected by Banfield Pet Hospital, the world’s largest veterinary practice, these were the top 10 most popular dog names of 2018:

For male dogs:

10. Oliver

9. Tucker

8. Bear

7. Duke

6. Rocky

5. Jack

4. Buddy

3. Cooper

2. Charlie

1. Max

For female dogs:

10. Stella

9. Maggie

8. Bailey

7. Molly

6. Sadie

5. Lola

4. Daisy

3. Luna

2. Lucy

1. Bella 

Interestingly, 5 percent of dog names in 2018 were focused on food, with the top five names being:

5. Beans

4. Waffles

3. Muffin 

2. Cinnamon

1. Biscuit 

In a list compiled of the top 100 dog names of all time, both Max and Bella remain number one, with Bailey, Charlie, and Lucy being next. Max and Bella also happen to be the most common dog names in Michigan as well.