Choosing the right litter and litter box can be overwhelming with the amount of choices that are offered, but we’re here to help. We recommend that you have one litter box per cat in your house, plus one.

Keep in mind that kittens need boxes with lower sides so that they can enter and exit easily. If your cat tends to have poor aim, go for a box with higher sides to keep the messy floors to a minimum. Litter boxes should be big enough for cats to be able to fully turn around in, as they have a tendency to cover their waste. We like to recommend heavy, plastic litter boxes, since they’re easy to clean and hold up well over time. 

Choosing the right cat litter may mean having to go through some trial and error to see what your cat prefers so that they don’t refuse the litter box. From clumping, to scented, to clay, to recycled newspaper, we’ve got it all –but the choice is ultimately up to the cat. Some litters are easier to handle than others, but cats will let you know what they like when they use the litter box regularly and without issue. Some cats may have sensitive paws, are used a certain kind from when they were a kitten, or simply are picky, and that’s okay –it may be frustrating, but they’ll let you know what they like. 

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local pet store if you have questions on this or any pet related topic.