Easter is nearly here, and, if done correctly, can be an egg-cellent time for the whole family — pets included!

And although you most certainly should allow your dog to partake in the scavenger hunt for Easter baskets along with the children, it is important to remember to “dog proof” the house this season!

As you hide Easter baskets full of chocolate and other candies around the house for children, make sure to remember that anything “dog level” may be sniffed out and eaten by your four-legged friends.

Chocolate, and most other sweets, are toxic to dogs, so hiding baskets out of their reach is a really good idea to make sure that they don’t get sick.

Hiding eggs is a popular Easter tradition, and don’t worry – your dog is allowed to play too, just make sure to engage in adult supervision! We hide eggs around our house and our dog helps to sniff them out and find them. As long as an adult is watching to make sure that the dog doesn’t eat all the eggs, it is a fun way to engage their minds and allow them to get in on the fun. And don’t worry, if a dog eats an egg, it won’t harm them, but make sure they don’t eat more than a couple. 

Of course, making an Easter basket for your dog to sniff out is always a fun idea, too. This way, they won’t be too concerned with trying to hunt for the kids’ chocolate instead. Fill a basket with your pup’s favorite treats, toys, chews, and whatever else they love, and “hide” it in your home! They’ll love sniffing out the goodies, and will likely stay out of trouble upon indulging in their new findings!

As long as you make sure that the kid’s gifts and sweets are out of reach, your dog will love the Easter festivities too!

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local pet store if you have questions on this or any pet related topic.