It’s time to protect yourself!

Spring and summer is prime time for fleas and ticks.

The best recommendation we can give is using a flea preventative all year round. Although fleas and ticks are most common in the spring and summer months, your pet is way less likely to get them if they are being treated against them for the whole year, as they can sometimes survive indoors during the colder months. 

Never use old preventative products! We know it can be expensive, but if it’s expired, it won’t work to prevent pests, which is the same as not using any product at all. We know you don’t want fleas infesting your home, so please make sure to check the expiration dates carefully!

Never use a canine product on cats, or vise versa. Some of the ingredients in the formulas are different because they are toxic to animals that they aren’t intended for, so always make sure to double check the product before using it! 

Grooming your pet regularly is also important, because if for some reason they are infested, you will catch it early and be able to get rid of them before they spread all over your home. 

Yard clean-up is important since fleas like to hide out in high grasses and moist, shady areas with debris. Raking leaves and moving lawns frequently will help prevent them from thriving in these warm environments. We recommend using a spray product to coat your yard, too, as this will get kill off any eggs that have been laid in your grass as well. 

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local pet store if you have questions on this or any pet related topic.