Although it’s hard to think about, we know our fur babies won’t live forever.

Here are some unique ideas to keep your pet’s memory alive after they have passed.

1. Invest in a headstone

Some people want real headstones for their pets, just as their human companions. You can get miniature ones created that can be in your garden, or even where your pet is buried, if they’re buried somewhere on your property grounds. This way their memory will live on forever. 

2. Make a plaque 

A lot of stores sell kits that include cement, stones, writing tools, and even a stand so that you can take your pet’s paw print and make a forever mold to display in your home. This way a little part of your pet will always be with you. 

3. Plant a tree in their honor 

Did your pet have a favorite spot to lay in the backyard? Consider planting a tree and spreading their ashes around the seed. This way a part of your pet will always be growing near you, for many, many years. 

4. Create a shadow box with their favorite things 

Get a picture frame or even a clear, glass, box to display all of your pet’s best pictures and favorite toys, scarves, treats, etc. you can display it in your home as a very personal tribute to who they were and why they’re so loved. 

5. Turn their ID tags into jewelry

You can put your pet’s ID tags on any necklace or bracelet chain and wear it around when you want to feel closer to them, or simply hang it somewhere in your room for safe keeping. Regardless, pieces of your fur babies will always be with you when you need them.