Vacation season is here!

It can be difficult to leave your small animals behind when you go on vacation, especially because there aren’t as many places to take them as there are for your dog or cat. Small animals such as guinea pigs are very sensitive and it is thus important to make sure that they’re in good hands and stable environments.

Keep in mind, all six Premier Pet Supply locations do small animal boarding for a nominal daily fee. Please call your nearest location for more information!

However, some might opt for in-home care. If you know someone that can watch your small animal for you, it may be a better option to keep that animal in its familiar environment. It can be come very stressed very easily if it’s moved around too much, but if you have to take it to someone else’s house, make sure that you bring the biggest cage possible so that they still have a familiar home with all their smells and comforting items. 

To make things easier, it is recommended to write out a strict to-do list/checklist for the sitter. This includes strict mealtimes, food measurements, any special play or exercise time, etc. this way, nothing is likely to go wrong, and the animals will stay happy and on their routine schedules. Labeling all food items and supplies is important too – just because you know what everything is, doesn’t meal someone who has never had a small animal will. 

If you have to take your small animal to a professional boarder, the upside is that they’ll likely get much more socialization time, as the employees are paid to take care of them and play with them all day. Downside is that you likely have to pay more for their services, but at least you know they’ll be in good hands. 

Regardless, leaving your small animals home can be scary, but try not to worry too much. As long as you leave detailed instructions and trust the person you’re leaving them with, the animal will enjoy their little vacation as much as you’ll enjoy yours! 

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local pet store if you have questions on this or any pet related topic.