Is your pet ready to be a star? Keeping an Instagram account for your pet is a fun way to promote and preserve their cuteness!

So where do you start?

Our first tip to maintaining a cute Insta page for your pet is not to overthink it. Accept that it’s going to be cheesy right off the bat, and have fun with it! It can be whatever you want it to be; show off how cute they are when they’re lying on the couch even when they know they aren’t supposed to –bring their personalities to life on the site! 

If you’re new to the pet Insta page world, looking up some already existing pet pages may help give you some inspiration for what you want yours to look like. 

A good way to get started with posts is thinking about what makes your pet unique from all the others out there. They’re all cute, so what will make people fall in love with your pet enough to want to follow its page and see daily updates? Consider their quirks and cut antics that make you laugh –share with the world what makes them so loved. 

Follow furry philanthropists –pets that have become famous from their pet parents’ pages about them. Manny the Frenchie is currently touring the nation to meet his fans, while supporting local pet charities along the way. If your page ends up blowing up, use your pet’s voice to make a positive difference! 

A lot of pet lovers also work for or follow pet related places, such as the Humane Society, rescues, local pet stores, etc. You could always promote your favorite places, brands, charities, etc on the page through your pets, as well as linking some cool sites in your bio section. This way, you’re having fun while spreading awareness toward important things, products, and knowledge!