Flu season is upon us.

Make sure your pup is covered this year, too. Check out our helpful tips.

1. First thing’s first – water, water, and more water. Keeping your pup hydrated is the absolute best way to boost its immune system. Water flushes out toxins from the body, as well as aids all of the body’s processes, so when hydrated, your dog’s body is functioning at its highest point. To avoid toxins in water, consider getting a pet fountain, which constantly streams filtered water in your pet’s bowl. 

2. Providing a healthy and balanced diet is also key to taking proactive measures toward good health. Doing a little bit of research before buying that discounted bag of dog food can go a long way. Avoid foods sold at grocery stores, and read ingredients on the bags before purchasing. Quality foods are made from quality ingredients, so although you may have to spend a little bit more, your dog’s health (and lower vet bills) will thank you in the long run. 

3. Vitamins are not just for people! Adding a daily vitamin/supplement to your dog’s diet will add tons of vital vitamins and minerals to their bodies that they may have been lacking while eating some commercial foods. These extra nutrients will boost your pet’s immune system and have them ready to combat canine flu season in no time. 

4. Adding a little bit of plain yogurt (just a teaspoon or two) to your dog’s meal can positively impact their digestive tract. Plain yogurt contains live cultures that work miracles in the gut, and will provide extra calcium and good bacteria that’ll boost their immune systems so that if they feel under the weather, they’ll be able to bounce right back. 

5. Exercise is key! Even in the cold months, make sure that your pet is getting all of the daily exercise it needs to thrive! Consistent exercise for the body posts the productions of cells that fight infection, while laying around all day doesn’t do your body any good.  Exercising with your pet will not only boost their immune system, but yours too!