Just like humans, pets can also suffer from dandruff.

Dandruff is a common condition that occurs when flakes of dead skin cells shed off. The most common place for pet dandruff is their back, especially toward the tail.

Dandruff occurs as a result of irritations in skin caused by multiple factors, such as mites, allergies, dietary imbalances, nutritional issues, dry air, or lack of exercise.

The irritated skin will become red, scaly, and raw, and will begin to flake and itch. If your pet has dandruff, he may try to relieve his symptoms by licking or biting at the areas, but this will only further irritate.

If you notice that your pet does suffer from dandruff, it’s important to immediately address the issue. Dandruff and irritated skin left untreated can lead to worse, more painful problems.

One thing you should consider is if you’re bathing your pet enough. Frequent — but not excessive — bathing can keep fur moisturized and hydrated, which can prevent dry skin and dandruff.

Frequent grooming and brushing fur also helps redistribute their natural oils and moisture, keeping each patch of skin equally hydrated and healthy.

Proper diet also plays a huge role in healthy skin for your pet. If their diet is not properly balanced, they are lacking vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy coat. We suggest switching to a higher quality food, and adding healthy fats to their diet.

We also recommend adding supplements such as Fish Oil to their diet. Fish oil is packed with Omegas and healthy fats, which is a recipe for a healthy skin and coat.

Another natural remedy to try is Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with equal parts water. Simply spraying some of the mixture onto a cloth and wiping their coat will do wonders to hydrate dried-out skin.

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