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2911, 2021

The benefits of bone broth for your pup

Did you know bones are packed with essential vitamins and minerals? When bones are slowly cooked in water, they create a broth robust with all those nutrients. The longer you simmer these bones, the more the nutrients will infuse the hearty, healthy broth. Adding these natural nutrients to your dog’s diet can aid them in many different ways. Bone broth contains Gelatin, which can help [...]

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Ideas to memorialize your pet

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Exercise your pup indoors!

While June, July and August typically bring ideal weather to Michigan, sometimes thunderstorms and extreme heat can really put a [...]

Stay safe on the water

The sunshine, warmer temps, and all of Michigan's great lakes create the perfect recipe for summer. While it’s fun to [...]

How to treat a bee sting

Just like humans, animals can react in different ways after being stung by a bee. And while it is usually [...]

How to handle a skunked dog

If you’re a dog owner with a yard, the chances of your dog getting curious about a skunk sometime in [...]

Fun facts about dogs!

Just for fun, we have compiled a list of fun facts about dogs that you probably don’t know!  1. Dogs [...]

Is your dog warm enough?

Winter is nearly here, and now that we’ve had the first snowfall of the season, you need to ask yourself, [...]

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