Most dogs typically shed in the spring as their coat thins out for warmer months, and also during late fall and early winter, as their coat thickens in preparation for  colder months.
While some dogs only shed seasonally, some breeds constantly shed, and it can be a real hassle.

If hair in the house is a struggle, you are certainly not alone.

The first defense toward controlling the shed is ensuring a proper diet for your pup. A balanced diet rich in nutrients with high-quality ingredients will help combat excess shedding more than a low-quality diet.

Proper diets full of Omegas 3 and 6 help your pup build a healthy, shiny, coat. High-quality diets can also potentially ward off any allergies that may be causing your dog’s skin to act up and shed more frequently.

If your dog is already eating a high-quality diet, consider adding Omega 3 and 6 supplements to ensure they’re getting all the fatty acids that they need.

Keep in mind that while a good supplement or food can help with shedding, it will certainly not stop it altogether, as shedding is a natural function of your pet.

Proper grooming can also help with excess hair and dead skin. Brushing your pet frequently can keep the shed to a minimum, as opposed to doing it every few weeks and having to deal with a massive fur explosion.

We also recommend investing in a proper brush and de-shedding tool, which are catered to different types of dogs with different types of coats. These devices work by targeting the undercoat and removing any dead hair before it has the chance to fall out onto your floor.

De-shedding tools work well on dog breeds with double coats — such as Huskies and German Shepherds. On dogs with shorter hair, rubber tipped brushes or even grooming gloves attract the shorter hairs and remove them.

Regular bathing is also important in combating shedding. Alongside dead hair and skin, dogs get a lot of dirt, dander, and excess oils caught in their coats, which can litter your house. And no one wants that to clean up.

Regular bathing not only cleans the fur and skin, but makes sure that the dirt, grime, and dead hair goes down the drain and not all over your sofa or bed. Experts generally recommend bathing your pup about once a month if they are being brushed regularly.

If you notice excess dirt or dry skin, another alternative to try is grooming wipes, which can refresh your pet between baths.

Another option for those excessive-shedding dogs is a sweater or a shirt. Although this option won’t stop the shedding, it catches most of the hair, which means less vacuuming for you!

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