Is your pup high-energy, or do they become anxious or destructive when left home alone? Just like with humans, it is super important to keep our furry friends active and socialized, especially during seemingly-endless Michigan winters.

Dogs are pack animals, and if your pup is a single pet, they are most likely in need of playtime with friends. It may be time to see if your local doggy daycare is the right fit.

It’s important to take note that every dog isn’t made for daycare. Ask yourself some questions first:

  • Is your dog generally good around dogs?
  • Is your dog good around all types of people?
  • Is your dog selective or aggressive around particular dog breeds?
  • Is your dog tolerant of all behaviors?

If your dog passes these questions, let’s check out the potential benefits of doggy daycare.

Socialization. To put it simply, dogs need interaction. Socializing with humans and other dogs teaches them how to behave properly. It will determine all aspects of their personality, how they will react in everyday situations, and how friendly they will be around people and other animals. If your dog isn’t exposed to new places, people, objects, and sounds, they can develop a fear and anxiety of anything new.

Getting physical. The benefits of exercise are no secret to anyone. Your dog depends on you to give them the exercise they need. Dogs with less active lifestyles will likely suffer both physically and mentally, and they are more prone to weight and mobility issues, digestion problems, and even depression.

Provides a safe space. Doggy daycare can provide a safe space for your pup to be themself. If they suffer from any type of anxiety, it can be hard on everyone in the house. Most doggy daycares work hard to create a safe, positive environment for all dog breeds and personalities. This will perhaps help your pup’s personality shine a little brighter in all aspects of their life.

Keeps it structured. Dogs are creatures of habit. Having a routine allows them to satisfy that need — walk time, playtime, meal time, sleep time. Dogs feel more secure when they have a sense of predictability to their day, and is important for your pup’s overall wellbeing.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends at Premier Pet Supply for all your pet-related questions!