Unlike humans, there is no specific season for canine influenza. If your dog has symptoms of sickness — coughing, runny nose, lethargy, etc.  — the vet may prescribe medication.

Maybe you have a dog that will scarf down anything you give him — including pills. For some unlucky folks, it can be a struggle to get your dog to take his medication.

Sometimes it’s as simple a fix as wrapping the pill into a piece of cheese, or popping it into a Pill Pocket — a flavored treat with a hole to stuff the meds.

The downside to this option is that most pills need to be swallowed whole. So if your dog likes to finely chew treats, they may bite into the pill and notice its awful taste. Some dogs may also not be outsmarted, and will turn their noses up to the offering.

Sometimes, depending on the medicine, you may be able to get chewable or even liquid alternatives. Your vet will be able to inform you of these options.

Another option you can try is a Pill Shooter — a device in which you insert the pill into a plastic syringe, which then places it into your dog’s mouth.

Another trick you can try is giving the dog the pill and then immediately rewarding them with a treat.

You may also benefit from asking a family member or friend to help control the dog while you give them medication. But if you are at your wit’s end with administering your dog’s meds, your vet may be able to assist.

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