Winter is officially upon us! With the temperature just starting to dip, it’s time to consider whether your dog is appropriately dressed.

Chances are you wouldn’t leave the house without a coat. Should your dog?

First consider your dog’s breed, and thus, their built-in coat. Some dogs, like Huskies, were built for colder temperatures. Typically, double-coated dogs can handle colder temperatures than humans.

In addition to coat length, dogs with a bit of extra fat are also able to withstand lower temperatures more than super trim dogs, such as Whippets.

As a result, dogs with shorter coats or slimmer figures may need extra protection during harsh Michigan winters.

Greyhounds, for example, should always wear coats during the winter due to their thin fur and very low body fat. Luckily, dog coats and sweaters come in all shapes and sizes, so there is bound to be one that works perfectly for your pup.

Also consider your dog’s height. Shorter dogs, like Corgis and Basset Hounds, will get colder quicker because their bodies are closer to the frozen ground.

Health and age also need to be considered. Just like humans, both very young and very old dogs will have a harder time regulating their body temperatures, and will need coats in the cold temperatures.

It’s always important to closely monitor your dog’s behavior when they’re outside in the cold. If a dog is cold, they will shiver, slow down their movements, they may tuck their tail between their legs. If you’re on a walk, your pup may either stop or hold their paws up in a refusal to continue walking.

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