Well, it’s nearly here — the end of 2021. While you plan how to welcome in the New Year, it’s super important to keep your furry friend’s comfort in mind.

A night full of guests, loud celebrations and fireworks, knocks and ringing doorbells can be a scary time for your dog. Whether you’re entertaining or not, the chance your dog will experience loud or unfamiliar sounds on New Year’s Eve is high.

Follow these steps to keep the evening as stress-free as possible for everyone.

First off, take your pup on an extra-long walk before the festivities begin. If possible, take them to the dog park and encourage playtime to release their energy. They are more likely to relax at night if they’re worn out during the day.

Also, make sure your pup has all the proper necessities for a fun, cozy evening. Stock up on new bones, chew toys, treats, and extra-comfy bedding. If your pup seeks solace in a crate, try covering the crate with a blanket to remove any visual stimulation.

If you’re having people over, make sure they are wearing proper identification and a properly-fitted collar. A collar with an updated name tag is imperative if your pup is an escape artist — or even if they typically aren’t. If stressed, they may try to book it as guests open and close the door.

It’s also important for you to stay calm! Your dog feeds off your energy. In times of high stress, they’re going to look to you for signs on how to behave. If you’re frazzled and stern, it’s only going to make them more uncomfortable.

If you know your pup is prone to high-stress and anxiety during times like this, you may have a few more options to consider.

You may look into investing in a ThunderShirt. This garment provides your pup gentle, constant compression to calm and ease anxiety — much like swaddling an infant. If you’re going to take this route, it’s important to ease your dog into wearing it. Try it on your dog for short periods of time days before to make sure they’re comfortable.

Also, offering your pup an all-natural calming or CBD treat can also ensure a smooth, stress-free evening.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends at Premier Pet Supply for all your pet-related questions!